Joy to the Moon

by Team Hideo



A Joy to the World/DuckTales Moon Theme Mashup
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released December 14, 2012
Joy to the World by Isaac Watts (lyrics) & Lowell Mason (music)
The Moon Theme from DuckTales (1989) for the NES by Hiroshige Tonomura

Transcribed & Arranged by Christopher Pasillas
Guitar -- Pedro Velasco
Piano -- Christopher Pasillas
Tenor Sax -- Jerome Holmes
Violin -- Xander Abbe

Mixed by Stephen Escobedo

DuckTales (1989) for the NES is a copyright of Capcom Co., Ltd.

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Team Hideo San Jose, California

We’re Team Hideo and we:

1-Gather the best, most enthusiastic video game and/or anime-loving musicians and actors.

2-Create original arrangements of video game and anime music for 1 to 20+ instruments.

3-Write original scripts and combine it with original artwork to tell a dramatic story.

4-Produce shows with the music from (2) and the script and artwork from (3) using the people from (1).
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